Monday, December 21, 2009

Beer and Flammkuchen!

Our favourite "traditional" food is the flammkuchen or tarte flambé - it's kinda like a pizza, but better, in my opinion! I drink the fruit beer- "woman's beer," as Alex calls it... and he likes his Chamay! We LOVE this place, "Academie de la biére." We think they make the best tarte flambé in town!!!

I get the one with onions and paprika... and Alex the one with onions and lardons.

Then you have to have the sweet one... aux pommes and calvados.

They set it on fire so it's quite literally, "flambé"


Nadege said...

What kind of cheese do they use?

Travels to Strasbourg said...

Hi Nadege,

Actually, it's not cheese it's crème frâiche! It's very light.