Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Le Penjab

If you are in the mood for Indian food while you're in Strasbourg, stop by this great resto:
Le Penjab
@12 rue des Tonneliers
Téléphone : 03 88 32 36 37
Alex and I went here last year on Christmas Eve and we just loved it! The atmosphere is very nice. It's definitely a "fine dining" restaurant and I think one of the best Indian restaurants I've been to so far in France... Definitely better than any resto I've been to in Paris, that's for SURE!

Decorations by night- Angels and Stars

The "Blue" tree

The "Tree"

La Place Kleber by night

What can you find at the Marcheé de Noël?

In front of the Cathedral

With the backdrop of the beautiful Cathedral of Strasbourg, this is one of my favorite of the marchés....

Some Yummies!!!!
Bredzels are 'traditional' here in Strasbourg...
This merigue.. marshmallow "like" chocolate-coated treats are just DELISH!!!

Glüwein- Vin Chaud - Hot Wine

I'm not sure if this is just for the Holidays or if people drink it all winter long when it's cold! If you know, let me know!

There's also hot chocolate, hot orange juice, etc...

The Famous Cathedral